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Why Do Patients Fall?

Has your facility ever had a non-compliant patient or resident?  Has your facility ever experienced family members who make your job harder?  Of course, and at times it can result in a fall.  Even patients or residents who are deemed to be at low risk for falls because they seem too debilitated can sometimes be found on the floor at the foot of the bed unable to move.

We often marvel at their "Houdini-like" maneuvers to get across the room.  In many cases their risk-taking behavior is explained by physchological reasons.  The words "I can do it myself, or I'm not really that old or weak" have been heard by caregivers all over the country.

The emotional need to maintain independence is strong with Americans and can play a central role in how patients and residents make decisions with their care, especially as it relates to following instructions.

Let's face it we all know people who reluctantly went to the doctor or hospital only to learn that they had a serious health issue that needed to be addressed.  Patient or resident falls are often a result of the person's underlying emotional need to maintain an illusion of health and independence.  To maintain this illusion, patients often make ill-advised attempts to leave bed and walk without the necessary assistance of caregivers.  Lange Medical sells fall management devices that can connect directly to your nurse call system to provide the medical staff with immediate awareness of critical patient needs - a layer of protection that can be life saving.

As medical staff nationwide confront the ongoing burden of an ever-increasing patient population, the Curbell fall prevention systems from Lange Medical provide the tools caregivers need to focus on other elements of patient care.

Once people have allowed themselves to be admitted to a medical care facility, they enter with the expectation that they will be healed.  If a full recovery is not possible, patients and residents expect to be made as comfortable as possible.  And they certainly expect to be protected from further harm. 

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